Clocks and calendars rule our lives, and while time is constant, life is anything but linear. The Greeks talked about time in two ways. Chronos means measurable time. Kairos means understanding the value of a moment. As the clock ticks by, it's vital you find meaningful moments to hug your toddler, laugh with school-aged child, or have a deep conversation with your teenager. Paul encourages us in Ephesians to make the most of our time, being proactive with every minute we have. The principles in this book will help you develop skills you need to build meaningful relationships with your children, no matter where they are in life. By building on foundational principles such as consistency and intentionality, and modeling leadership values such as honor, courage, and vision, you will position your children to ultimately change their world. Remember, time is free, but it is precious. Master your time and you will master your life.