21 Days to Childlike Prayer makes you want to pray.”
—Donald S. Whitney, author of Praying the Bible

Childlike Prayer Is Life-Changing Prayer

God doesn’t need great prayers to do great things. When you speak to Him in simple, trusting faith, you find yourself in a new story where anything is possible, where you always get what’s best, and where your problems become opportunities for a greater experience of Jesus.

In 21 Days to Childlike Prayer, you’ll witness how God responds in power and love to your specific prayers. As you dive into what the Bible says about communing with God, you will…
  • identify what prayer is, how it can change you, and what major prayer pathways are laid out in Scripture
  • learn easy-to-remember prayer strategies that help you overcome challenges and pursue goals
  • discover inspiring true examples—both biblical and contemporary—of God’s miraculous answers to his people’s prayers
This concise 3-week devotional journey will show you how to turn your daily worries, frustrations, and dreams into prayers throughout your Christian life. This transformative resource is perfect for individual and group study, empowering you to be intentional—and fruitful—in your time with God.

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